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Welcome to the website of DLS (Dutch Labdisposable Services), specialised in the import/export of disposables for laboratorial use.

The company is based in 2005. We have also over 15 years’ experience in selling disposables and sampling materials for mainly food companies.

For us is quality, speed, reliability and personal coaching very important. This is our strength. We will look, on demand, for a "tailor-made solution”. Our suppliers are respectable companies, who deliver products from the highest quality standards or most of the time even more.

Our "core business” is for already many years "sample bottles and vials”
We deliver them in all measurements and colours. Several closures, caps etc.
With proud we can say: ‘We are the sample bottle specialist”!

Those multipurpose polypropylenes/polyethylene’s are used as a sample bottle /container/vial for all possible fluids and powders in the dairy industry/food industry.

Other parts of industries, hospitals, laboratories, are also very satisfied about our vials. Our vials are even quite popular in oil- and grease industries.

Everywhere, where quality tests are made, our sample bottles/vials / petri scales are a good solution, because they can be used for several liquids and powders. For every test we have the best suitable article for you.

What is so special about our disposables?

  • Perfect Quality
  • All kinds of sizes -  Containers/Bottles/Petri plates
  • Lockable/temper lock
  • Leak proof (Snap Cap/ Screw Cap)
  • Sterile
  • Recyclable material (PP)
  • Readable scale
  • Patented
  • Mostly chemical resistant
  • Suitable for transport

What makes DLS so special?

  • We deliver quality products.
  • We are reliable.
  • We offer a good personal service.
  • Quick deliveries.
  • Price- Quality in a good balance.
  • Easy to order by telephone, fax or website.